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What is Studio Ribbit?

We're a group of artists that want to share our creative passion with the world. Studio Ribbit is a collective of illustrators, writers, and webcomickers that want to promote creativity, camaraderie, and the advancement of the arts.

Our mission is to provide a shared space and productive environment that can help fund artistic activities while fostering a sense of community. 


Product Information

When you buy one of our prints, patches, or posters, you're not just supporting the artists at Studio Ribbit, but you're supporting small businesses and other creators in our network.

Our approach makes our art more affordable for our patrons while still allowing us to be competitive with big brand art product mills and global online corporate marketplaces like REDACTED and REDACTED that make it impossible for small time artists to make it out there.


Shipping & Handling

We try to offer the best rate while not scrimping on packaging. Depending on what's ordered and in what combination, you might get stuff in a weird configuration. At the very least, we will put it all together in one package if possible. Here's a few things to know about our process:

  • Most prints will show up in a large envelope sandwiched between two thiccc pieces of cardboard. This makes a flimsy package that would cost less to be ground shipped to be a little extra--but we don't mind eating the cost.
  • If you give us the wrong address, Studio Ribbit is not taking the blame. If a package is ever returned to us, we'll do our best to reach out to you to clarify and send back to you once shipping is paid once more.
  • Sometimes USPS or FedEx loses or delays the delivery of your goods. If that happens, please send us an email or use the contact form below and we'll do what we can to fix the issue.
  • If someone jacks your goods, please reach out and contact the local authorities or post office in your community. There isn't a whole lot Studio Ribbit can do, but we'll try to make it right.
  • International shipping can be spotty and expensive. Currently, we are not shipping internationally--but will be doing so to select countries soon.


Can I get a commission from ya'll?

Yeah, why not. Send an email with some details below and we'll see if its doable. 


If you've got any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out. 



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