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Fight The Good Fight

FTGF is a martial arts action graphic novel set in a dystopian world, inspired by the many issues plaguing military veterans today. Our tale follows Sage, an ex-imperial soldier trying to get a grip on life on the outside as he struggles against the Empire's dominion over his and everyone else's life in a bleak, starving world.


As the newest member of a gang of insurgents calling themselves the Divide, will he be able to keep his new friends out of harms way?


by S. Angevine


Lee Carter, having lost everything worth living for, nearly ends it all on one fateful day until a girl named Angel saves his life. When asked about why he almost jumped off a bridge, he recounts everything from six years ago, starting from when he was forced to drop out of college, which put his life on the path that ultimately ended here.

As Lee tells his story to Angel, we learn about his accomplishments, amazing feats, and humble beginnings. But what could Lee have possibly gone through, and how did it all come to this? Where do Lee and Angel go from here?

by L. Quinn

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